The following is the structure framework of our service for you, you can contact us at any time

Chief Executive Officer:Used to listen to customers' voices and solve their problems WhatsApp:+8615937602964

Marketing Department: Responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies, including brand promotion, market research, digital marketing, social media management, etc.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Department Responsible for the formulation and implementation of global supply chain management and logistics strategies. Manage relationships with suppliers to ensure high quality and timely delivery of materials and products.

Logistics Department Handle duties, customs clearance and other matters during transportation to ensure compliance with international trade regulations. Adopt the latest logistics technology and systems to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service and Operations Department: Responsible for customer relationship management and service operations, ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient operation of business processes. Manage order processing, after-sales service and customer support to enhance customer experience and loyalty.